Tree Planting

Two years ago (in 2009), school children from Ysgol Talsarnau helped volunteers from EcoBro to plant nearly 450 trees on a small piece of bracken-infested land overlooking the Dwyryd Estuary opposite Portmeirion.  Members have been regularly weeding the trees since they were planted and the trees have now almost all over-topped their protective tubes.  Ash, oak, hawthorn, hazel and birch were planted under the expert tuition of a Forester from the Snowdonia National Park Authority who were kind enough to donate the trees and the fencing.  We think the trees will only require one more weeding next year in June.  Come and join us if you would like to help.

Please contact us if you know of anywhere else we can plant up with native broadleaved trees.  We have plenty of willing volunteers to undertake the fencing, planting and weeding.  And we can always get help from local schools too.